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Who we are

During the years from 2009 to 2010, we developed a Management Process to implement the requirements of functional safety in the design and engineering of Process plants for the Mining Industry and Chemical Plants (IEC 61511/61508) and Mechanical Engineering (IEC 62061). Assistance in implementation and training of personnel.

In the years 2011 to 2014, we designed a "Product Compliance Management" Process, globally valid for all locations worldwide (Europe, North and South America, South Africa, India, China and Australia), for a Finnish plant- and machinery engineering and also components manufacturing company. The challenge there, was to combine aspects of risk assessments in both, the world of machinery and apparatus in accordance with European directives and international standards, as well as in the world of industrial plants, e.g . explosion-, fire- and lightning protection, as well as HAZOP and SIL allocation assessments and the following “functional safety management”. A high priority was placed on the research of the requirements, laws, standards and regulations requested at the location where the product will be operated.

The problem


Many companies do not exactly know what , and above all , how much they need to do to fulfill the legal requirements and their obligations in relation to meet the provisions of the Product Safety Act. Often they do too much, sometimes too little and very often nothing at all.

The best way to implement Processes to meet the legal requirements of the Product Safety Act, is a change of working culture into a “safety culture”, supported by the management and the employees.

In many companies the necessary actions to meet the requirements of occupational health and safety (OHS) are already well implemented and are demanded by the staff, but many times rarely lived in daily work.

The requirements of occupational health and safety (OHS) and the Product Safety Act should not be mixed and are completely different. A Safety Engineer (OHS) is not suitable to implement the issues of product safety in the company.

It is therefore necessary to find out who is the appropriate employee within the company or from outside, to lead the implementation of this topic, to monitor, and to improve the Management Process.

After the successful introduction of the management process, a basic requirement to integrate product safety into daily work-life without being seen as an additional burden, is a cultural change within the company. This cultural change should be the goal of introduction of a "Product Compliance Management" Process.

What we do

To whom?

For all companies working in the area of engineering of machinery,- apparatus,- or industrial plants or place these kinds of products on the market.

Your benefit in a glance

The comfortable feeling, to have a sufficiently safe product on the market and to be able to deliver a sufficient documentation to the authorities in case of a legal relevant incident or accident. This will reduce the consequences in regard to civil- or criminal liability to a minimum and ensures the continuous existence of your business, even after a safety related incident with your product.

Your business partners will recognize you as a company with a high-level safety culture.

Your products will be preferably used. Due to your good documentation, your customer can expect no additional work or trouble in the future.


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